McCrea Point Cleanup

I got to spend this morning and afternoon with the folks from the Conewango Creek Watershed Conservancy, Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association, and other Volunteers. 

We picked up Hundreds of tires, almost 500 pounds of metal, and lots of trash from the area around McCrea Point. 
Some people had concerns about going in the water due to the herbicide treatment. We could probably have gotten more trash if it wasn’t for this. 

I am not a fan of our county money being spent to purchase, apply, and monitor the herbicide treatments. There are also a good deal of unknown effects and factors surrounding herbicides in terms of effects on plants and animals as well as humans. There is a lack of due process and transparency when it comes to the application permitting that should be discussed as well.

Thank you to everyone who came out to this clean up and for Hands on Jamestown. I met and spoke to some really great people today. Very good discussions about leadership, stewardship, and relationships. We need MORE “ships” and LESS politics, policies, and politicians. 

People working together to make our area better makes me feel good about the future.

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