Campaign Update

Talked to some voters in the Kennedy area yesterday. One who is being sited by Town of Poland Code enforcement for his free range chickens. Yes chickens! This is on a rural country road and the neighbors are okay with the chickens. My parents and other folks have enjoyed eggs from these chicken for the 5+ years this resident has been farming them. This is a case of zoning laws infringing on personal freedom and rural values. Hopefully this resident and the town can come to some sort of compromise. The bottom line is many zoning laws are frivolous and need to be overhauled and standardized across the county.

I met a couple from Randolph who had stopped to check out one of the canoe launches on the Marden E Cobb waterway trail. This trail has been largely neglected for a long time. The access points are somewhat maintained but there are numerous log jams that make much of the trail difficult if not impossible to navigate safely. I’d like to explore options such as “adopt a waterway” and/or corporate sponsorship program where volunteers and businesses could help with maintaining the trail.

Later in the day I had a good talk with some dairy farmers in my district. They were disappointed in the recent passage of the NY Farm Labor Bill. This legislation will hurt farming in our area. It is government overreach in an industry that is already struggling. It’s a State issue but it’s sad that our county leaders have been silent on this. I will do all I can to support agriculture in our county. 

Today I met with Tony Marra a supporter of mine that is not in my District. We had a great conversation about this area and ways we can improve the quality of life and advance liberty. Thank you Tony for your generous donation and your commitment to positive change in our area.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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