Response to Jamestown Airport Funding

This is in response to this article.

Here is our “free money” from the Federal government to fund the airport. Well we’re going to have to chip in a big chunk of our County money to get this money that we and other American tax payers coughed up. Not quite corporate welfare but certainly some type of welfare. Let’s keep in mind this is all about government (a couple different levels) taking your money and gambling with it. There are plans and studies that say this has a chance to work but make no mistake the airport thing is a huge gamble and it’s OUR money a handful of politicians and so called experts are playing with.

The County Legislature voted to send $124k a year of our tax money and resources to the airport. There was similar discussion in the Legislature as there was leading up to the sales tax increase a few years ago. So called Conservative and Republican members voicing their concerns on the use of public funds and weak signaling that they would not vote for a measure like this again. My opponent unfortunately had NOTHING to say regarding this resolution on the floor of the Legislature. In the end they got in line and voted for it. Thank you Mr. Gould for your lone NO vote.

Boutique Air is supposedly the next company in line to attempt to provide commercial service. The last 3 attempts at this have failed badly. See my previous post on Airport funding. The basics of supply and demand are clearly working here. With large regional and international airports within a few hours of Jamestown, it is hard to see our airport ever being competitive in the commercial market.

There are obviously other users of the airport. I’m not sure exactly who they are but likely a mix of shipping or goods transport companies and owners of personal aircraft. 
In my opinion, the solution for funding upkeep of the airport is charging these users for the use of the facility. County and American taxpayers should NOT have to foot the bill for a facility they do not directly use.

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