Happy Independence Day!

I’d like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day. Today is about celebrating our freedoms which we have many and for that I am grateful.

Our forefathers realized that it was contrary to the human spirit and natural law to live under a system in which the whims and will of a few elite held power over the lives and wealth of other individuals. They fought and won to break the hold of tyranny and established a government that was of the people and whose purpose was to ensure and defend the natural rights of its citizens.

In exchange for our freedoms we are charged with a duty to actively engage with our government as the final check on quality and efficiency through the election process. It is our duty to hold our representatives in all levels of government to the standard of the US Constitution and replace them as needed. We are failing at this and the consequences are mounting daily. The dysfunctional two party system will continue to drag this country deeper into debt and steadily erode the freedoms our great nation was founded on unless we wake up and take action. 

If you are reading this you are likely one of the few people who is engaged and doing your best to make informed political decisions. Thank you and keep working with me and talking to others to turn the momentum back towards the spirit liberty that we celebrate today.

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